European Union Projects

Life Alternative”

This project was financed by the European Union (Call for proposals from Non-Government Agents and Local Authorities in the area of Development) to provide training in food services to socially vulnerable groups in 5 Departments (provinces) in the interior of Uruguay (Paysandú, Colonia, Maldonado, Canelones, Montevideo).The project was formally concluded in March 2013.



Usinas de Inclusión (Inclusion Generators) 2014 - 2017

“Usinas de Inclusión” is a project by the IPPU Foundation that aims to strengthen the local capacities and promote the development of NGOs of 10 Departments (provinces) in the interior of Uruguay, by setting up networks for training and associated jobs.

€ 1.200.000

This project was selected in an open call and it is the second time that the IPPU Foundation receives financing from the European Union to implement projects with an inclusive approach, focused on the interior of the country. It should be pointed out that in the years 2010 and 2017, Uruguay will receive a total of EUR 1,200,000 from the European Union to be invested in projects dealing with disabilities and other vulnerable groups.

The project "Inclusion Facilities" has a duration of 3 years and it involves two processes: training, and the creation and implementation by NGOs of community projects with an inclusive approach.