Programs and Services

Attention during the day

Psycho-pedagogical attention in small groups in an institutional therapeutic setting, with the objective of providing comprehensive assistance to generate and facilitate socialization and learning processes from an inclusive perspective.



Psycho-Pedagogical Workshops

Work in small groups oriented towards the development of the cognitive-affective potential of persons; to provide appropriate language tools, in written and oral form, and focus on the social use of math, working with others in order to facilitate the socialization process.

In particular, these workshops seek to: work on the strengths of children and their families; stimulate the development of the symbolic capacity and the imagination; implement strategies that allow children to be able to dominate the use of communication codes; stimulate the use of the oral and written language; assist the development of logical thinking; stimulate the attention, memory and the executive functions; contribute to the child's psycho-motor development; assist and encourage the development of the perceptive-motor function and its coordinations; and develop social and adaptive abilities.




Mode of intervention of individuals, groups and families, with an interdisciplinary approach, in: Psychology, Psycho-Pedagogy (educational psychology), Psychiatry, Speech and Hearing Therapy, and Psycho-Motor Skills, for children and teenagers with learning and/or behavioral difficulties.

This interdisciplinary team performs diagnoses, treatments and provides orientation, with an inclusive approach, to the family, the school, the community, and the child or teenager. In addition, it collaborates in designing curricular activities, taking into consideration the educational needs of each student.



Courses and day-long training events in the design, implementation, and development of educational strategies, training in assistance and guidance, and psycho-pedagogical intervention, taking into consideration the social, cultural, and group context, the importance of the family group, and the affective and symbolic aspects of the person who is in the learning process.


Disability Uruguay Website

The first vertical portal in Uruguay specialized in disability issues. The project was declared of national interest in 2004.

The objective of this project is to improve the quality of life of disabled persons and their families through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), in particular the Internet, as a medium for communication, diffusion, assistance, training, recreation, and research and development, seeking to encourage social inclusion, improvement of quality of life, and exercise of citizenship by disabled persons.


Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) - San Ramón, Canelones

Since 2007 to date

Strategy for an "Inclusive Development" for the rehabilitation, provision of equal opportunities, reduction of poverty, and promotion of equal rights and social integration of disabled persons and their families.

In the context of the implementation of this strategy, —coordinated by the CBR Group and the IPPU Foundation and in association with institutions in the area—, annual health promotion community activities are held; as well as activities for the prevention of diseases (Health Fair, "Runners for Health", early diagnosis, etc.); sports activities (community walks-runs); cultural and artistic activities.

Work Training

Professional Courses of Food and Hotel Industry Services (in cooperation with the Municipality of Montevideo) since 1997, for disabled youths, involving the families in the training process. There are internships (with the support of the Trade Union of Restaurants and Hotels of Uruguay (SUGHU)).

Placement Services

In 2007, the Cooperative "Gastrocoop" was created with persons graduated from the various courses, in order to offer Comprehensive Food Services. It was legally formed as a Social Cooperative in accordance to the regulations of the Ministry of Social Development.